Marcie O'Brien Designs

As a child I loved to draw.

Now I use the mouse  

     to make printed pieces and digital art

               with plush graphics and smart copy.

                     We've made scores of clients happy!

                   Let us add the video and social media

you want to expand your brand.

FunNightLive! logo
Logo for a Detective
Logo for Jayasri Hart
Fun Night Live Anniversary Poster

Ads, brochures, flyers, newsletters and posters are visually appealing, especially when paired with words that excite the imagination.

The logo is a concise icon/letterform that   shows off your

brand personality.

Newsletter for American Funds
Westside Pavilion Sell Sheet

People like to get postcards.

And they keep the fun ones!

Print easily with InDesign

and Photoshop.

Pastel portraits of Stephanie and Max

Portrait of Max
Portrait of Stephanie

Photshop re-touching

©2018 Marcie O'Brien

My Favorite Clients

Palette of Skills

•  Aramaki Design

•  Mattel Toys  

•  Educational Insights

•  Elizabeth Smith

•  Terry Bailey

•  Hartfilms  

•  Fun Night Live!

•  The Capital Group